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You know you need chlorine to keep your pool sanitized and family-friendly.  But which type of pool chlorine should you buy?  Every chlorine compound is designed for a specific purpose, though some types can be useful for more than one application.  Each type has its own features and benefits.  PoolGear Plus offers all types of chlorine for all types of swimming pools.

There are two basic types of chlorine: Stabilized and unstabilized.  Stabilized chlorine is perfect for daily chlorination, while unstabilized is best-suited for weekly pool shock treatments.  Here are descriptions of our high-quality stabilized chlorine products – we’ll cover our unstabilized chlorine products in a future post.  And remember, because we manufacture our own chemicals, PoolGear Plus has the lowest-price, freshest chlorine and other pool chemicals you can buy!

Large 3″ Stabilized Chlorinating Tablets

Three-inch stabilized chlorine tablets are the most common kind used in the pool industry.  They are excellent for daily chlorination when used in standard automatic chlorinators and floating chlorinators because they provide the highest strength of available chlorine possible.  Because we believe in offering our customers choices so they can select the products that best meet their needs, PoolGear Plus offers four types of 3″ stabilized chlorinating tablet products:

Complete Multi-Purpose 3-inch Chlorine Tablets

Multi-Purpose Chlorine Tablets

These chlorine tabs contain a proprietary blend of ingredients that will reduce the amount of chemicals you need to keep your pool in swim-able shape.  Besides chlorine, they contain a clarifier, a stain and algae preventer, and a descaler.

These individually-wrapped tablets contain 84.65% available pool chlorine and 94% trichlor.  They are slow-dissolving to maintain a proper free available chlorine level and UV protected to extend chlorine life.  Complete Multi-Purpose Chlorine Tablets from PoolGear Plus save you time and money by combining frequently-used chemicals into one easy-to-use product.

Three-inch Premium Pool Chlorine Tablets

Premium 3″ Chlorine Tablets

These pool chlorine tablets contain the highest percentage of active chlorine available in the pool supplies industry – 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione.  And because we manufacture them ourselves, you’re assured of the very highest quality at the very lowest price.

Our Premium Chlorine Tablets are slow-dissolving, UV protected, and individually wrapped.  With these tablets, maintenance is easy and mess-free – just place one or two in a floater or in-line feeder each week.

Three-inch Value Chlor Tablets

3 inch Value Chlor Chlorine TabletsThese 3″ tablets dissolve slowly but completely to maintain the proper free available chlorine levels that keep your swimming pool at its healthiest.  Value Chlor tablets provide 90% available chlorine (trichlor) and 99% active ingredient (Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione).

Because it oxidizes as it sanitizes, chlorine gives your swimming pool crystal-clear water, making it inviting to others and complementing the beauty of your home.

Super 70 Plus 40-lb. Chlorine Tablets

3” Pool Chlorine TabletsSuper 70 Plus 3″ Chlorine Tablets are formulated to sanitize, control algae, and eliminate bacteria as well as destroy organic contaminants while providing the best chlorine value in the pool supplies industry.

Available only at certain times of the year, Super 70 Plus tablets provide 70% available chlorine and work well in all pool types, including vinyl pools.

The top-notch quality of this pool chlorine product and the fact that it’s the lowest-priced chlorine available on the market today make it an ideal choice for the budget-conscious pool owner.

Small 1″ Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

Suncoast Chlorine Tablets, Premium 1 Inch

Only one inch in diameter, these pool chlorine tablets are most often used in specially-designed cartridges that fit certain types of automatic chlorinators.  Our Premium 1″ chlorine tablets provide the highest strength of available chlorine possible.

Premium Chlorine Sticks

Premium 8 Oz Chlorine Sticks

Premium eight-ounce chlorine sticks by PoolGear Plus have the same chemical composition, high quality, and fantastic price as our Premium chlorine tablets.  Chlorine sticks simply fit into certain types of automatic chlorinators better than tablets.

Granular Pool Chlorine

Suncoast Premium Granular Chlorine

Granular chlorine from PoolGear Plus is super-concentrated, residue-free, and fast-dissolving.  It’s guaranteed 99.5% pure and provides 56% available stabilized chlorine.

Granular chlorine is easy to use – simply broadcast it into the swimming pool.  Our top-quality granular chlorine does not require pre-mixing and is UV-protected for extended chlorine life.  It is available in your choice of an eight-, 25-, or 50-lb. pail.


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