Tips on Using a Pool Water Test Kit

water test strips

Measure free chlorine / bromine, total chlorine, alkalinity, pH & total hardness with easy-to-use test strips.

Creating a perfectly balanced swimming pool is more of a science than an art.  The foundation for crystal-clear water begins with a total alkalinity of 70 to 140 ppm (the ideal range varies based on the pool’s finish).  The pH level should be maintained as close to the ideal of 7.4 as possible.  A proper chlorine level of two to four ppm helps ensure that your pool is properly sanitized.  The stabilizer reading should be 40 ppm, and calcium hardness should be maintained at 200 to 400 ppm.

All this talk of pH and ppm (parts per million) seems confusing until you apply it to a pool water test kit, which is a simple way to determine the various characteristics of your pool water.  There are many types of pool water test kits available, including easy-to-use test strips.  For the most accurate assessment of your pool water, use (at the very minimum) a test kit that allows you to test for chlorine, pH and total alkalinity.  Test kits are also available to test calcium hardness, stabilizer, and many other pool water elements.

A PoolGear Plus Pool Care Expert will be happy to help you select the water test kit that’s right for you to help you keep track of your swimming pool’s health.  Store your test kit in a cool, dark place and replace your test kit reagents annually.

Now that you know what a pool water test kit is, here’s how to use it to your advantage.

  • Try to perform your water test at the same time of the day each time you use it.
  • Test your pool water before adding any chemicals.
  • During times of heavy pool use or rain, conduct a daily water test to catch water problems quickly.
  • Run the pump for at least one hour before testing.
  • Collect water for testing from the deep end of your pool, submerging your collection vessel until your elbow hits the water.

Our next article on water test kits will discuss the use of test strips and offer a simple method for measuring the number of gallons of water in your pool.

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