Spa Start-Up for Chlorine Spas

sequestering agent for spa or hot tub

Apply Spa Choice Metal Free every time you fill your hot tub.

This proven method for starting up your chlorine-sanitized spa from PoolGear Plus will help you get hot tub season off to a great start.

Step One: Fill spa with water.

Step Two: With hot tub equipment turned off, pour the proper dosage (read label instructions) of Spa Choice Metal Free around the spa water line. This product keeps iron and other metals in fill water from oxidizing, which could cause staining.

Step Three: Turn spa equipment on and circulate for 30 minutes.

Step Four: Add the correct dosage of Spa Choice Chlorine Sanitizing Granules to hot tub water. Read label directions or call 1-888-718-7946 if you are unsure of how much chlorine to use.  Spa Choice Sanitizing Chlorine Granules kill bacteria and algae in spas and clarify water for a pristine, luxurious spa experience.

Step Five: Add one application of Spa Choice Re-Energize to spa water. This oxidizer is a non-chlorine spa shock treatment that reduces odor-causing ammonia and oxidizes organic contaminants.

chlorine granules for spa or hot tub

These chlorine granules dissolve quickly and completely to sanitize your spa.

Step Six: Continue running the filter system for at least one hour.

Step Seven: Test and adjust your hot tub water’s pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness.

Keep your hot tub sanitary and algae-free by using Spa Choice Chlorine Sanitizing Granules to maintain a chlorine level of two to four ppm. For best results, add the correct dose of Spa Choice Re-Energize on the same day each week for a weekly shock treatment, as well as after each time you use your spa. Be sure to run your spa filter system for at least one hour after adding chemicals.  As always, please read all packaging and labels carefully and observe all warnings and precautions. If you have questions about spa start-up with your chlorine spa, call 888-718-7946 – a Spa Care Expert will be happy to help!

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