Prepare Your Spa / Hot Tub for Valentine’s Day

Nothing is more romantic than soaking in your spa with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.  To set the stage for your special day, your hot tub should be pristine and beautiful.  Here are a few spa and hot tub chemicals that will help you create the perfect atmosphere for Valentine’s Day.

  • Foam Free: This product eliminates annoying foam from your hot tub quickly and easily – simply apply the correct dosage directly to the foamy area.
  • Spa Fragrances:Specially formulated for hot tubs, spa fragrances add romance through aromatherapy and leave your skin soft and moisturized.  Scents include Amazon Mist, Wild Lavender, Caribbean Breeze, Jamaican Melon, Tropical Fruit and Soft Eucalyptus.  Our spa fragrances contain no alcohol and are water soluble.

    spa and hot tub fragrance

    This spa fragrance contains no alcohol and is water soluble.

  • Bromine Booster: If you use bromine as a sanitizer for your spa, add a bromine booster to work with your brominating tablets to establish a quick bromine reserve prior to the most romantic day of the year.  Nothing kills romance like bacteria and algae!  Use the right spa chemicals to make sure they don’t make an appearance.
  • Chlorine Sanitizer: If you use chlorine to sanitize your hot tub, make sure your chlorine is at the recommended level and make corrections if needed.
  • Non-Chlorine Shock: Enhance the sanitizing effects of the bromine or chlorine and get rid of organic contaminants such as ammonia and perspiration in your spa with a non-chlorine oxidizing shock.
  • Seal A Leak: Sealants are highly effective for minor spa leaks.  Use this prior to Valentine’s Day; pour one pint in the spa’s skimmer or intake and circulate for five hours.
  • Water Test Kit: Your sanitizer won’t work properly if your spa water is out of balance.  For fresh, silky feeling water, use a spa water test kit and make the necessary adjustments to bring water back into balance.  Products you may need to use include Calcium Increaser, pH Increaser or Decreaser, and/or Alkalinity Increaser.  Since you may need to retest and make further adjustments to water balance, start this process about a week before Valentine’s Day.

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