How to Create an All-Natural Spa

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Follow these steps from PoolGear Plus for an all-natural spa.

Many spa aficionados don’t like the idea of soaking in chemicals when they enjoy their hot tubs.  If this describes you, this article is perfect for you.  This natural mineral and enzyme method leaves your hot tub water and exterior clean, healthy, and beautiful.  Use this information from PoolGear Plus to create an all-natural spa.

Step One: Install the Zodiac Vision Spa Sanitizer.  Simply connect the support stems and slide the entire device into the core of your spa filter cartridge.  The Vision Spa Sanitizer offers a natural, easy alternative to chlorine or bromine for sanitizing hot tub water.  It installs into your spa filter in seconds and offers up to four full months of sanitizing.  Mark your calendar to replace your spa sanitzer in four months.

Step Two: Add one ounce of Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect per 100 gallons of spa water each week.  Use twice weekly during periods of heavy spa use.  Do not use Spa Perfect immediately before or after shocking your hot tub water.  Spa Perfect cuts cleaning and scrubbing time in half.  Its all-natural enzymes powerfully but gently biodegrade body oils, cosmetics, suntan oils and other organic matter.      

Step Three: Add one capful of Spa Choice Re-Energize per 375 gallons of hot tub water each week or more often if bathing load is heavy.  Sprinkle Re-Energize over the spa water surface while the pump is circulating.  Allow it to fully circulate in hot tub water before using the hot tub. 

Step Four: Apply Spa Choice Clean ‘N Fast spa cleaner directly to all surfaces as needed.  Let spa cleaner stand for a few minutes, rub with a coarse sponge, wipe clean, and allow to dry.  Spa Choice Clean ‘N Fast was specially developed to clean hot tubs at the waterline and below.  It helps remove dirt, oil, and scum that accumulate when the spa is in use.  This spa cleaner is an excellent product for removal or dirt and grime on your vinyl spa cover and outdoor furniture too.    

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