When to Use Pool Super Shock

Pool Shock Super Shock

Pool super shock can be used to re-establish a pool maintenance program.

PoolGear Plus offers many options to pool owners when it comes to pool shock treatments. Many of our customers use super shock as part of their regular maintenance program; others use another shock product and switch to super shock when necessary. One question we’re often asked is: When do I need to use super shock? As always, we’re happy to help!

You may need to use super shock when:

  • Your pool maintenance program has been erratic or nonexistent
  • You’ve been skimping on pool shock (using too little for the size of your pool)
  • Your swimming pool has visible problems, like dirty water, algae growth, or stains
  • Your pool water has been unbalanced, so your chlorine hasn’t been working properly (use a water test kit to diagnose and treat water balancing problems)
  • Pool equipment, such as the filter, hasn’t been working properly
  • Your pool has received greater-than-normal use during the season or from a special event such as a pool party (by the way, using super shock before a party helps prevent problems from excessive contaminants and provides a sparkling clear pool for the party)
  • Bad weather, such as rainstorms and high winds, has introduced unusually high levels of debris into the pool
Crystal-clear swimming pool water

Pool super shock helps you get beautiful swimming pool water.

Note that if your pool has algae growth, you should follow the pool super shock treatment with an algaecide treatment after 24 hours. When you resume your maintenance program, use an algaecide 24 hours after each weekly pool shock treatment to prevent new algae growth. If you have other problems with your pool, contact us for help.

After using super shock to restore your pool’s health, you can continue using super shock for weekly maintenance if you anticipate that any of the above situations might cause further problems, or switch to another shock product if you prefer. Whatever you choose, be sure to shock your pool on the same day each week to prevent problems that keep you from enjoying your pool.

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