Types of Algaecide: Which Is Best For Your Pool?

Our many years in the pool supplies industry have shown us that algae growth is one of the most frustrating maintenance problems pool owners encounter.  And it’s no wonder – once it takes hold, algae can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to eradicate.  Algae in your pool: 

  • Consumes chlorine
  • Causes pH to rise
  • Creates an unattractive appearance by clinging to the side of the pool
  • Discolors and/or clouds pool water
  • Clogs the pool filter

Algae can appear in various colors, including black, brown, yellow, pink, and green.  Algae is more likely to grow when: 

  • Pool water has a low chlorine level
  • There is poor circulation of pool water
  • The weather is warm
  • Your pool maintenance program doesn’t include algaecide

The best way to keep from having an algae problem in your pool is to prevent it from starting in the first place.  This is done with the regular application of maintenance doses of algaecide.  PoolGear Plus offers a number of effective algaecides; one of them will serve your needs perfectly.  Here are descriptions of four of our most popular algaecides; we’ll cover additional options in a future article. 

Algae Eater Plus Swimming Pool Algaecide

Algae Eater Plus Algaecide is efficient and economical.

Algae Eater Plus Algaecide:  This algaecide is suitable for above ground or inground pools and is efficient and economical.  It keeps pool water clear of visible green and blue-green algae and slime.  Algae Eater Plus also improves pool filter operation and reduces the need for other chemicals.  It is compatible with most chemicals used in swimming pools and is safe for use with tile, concrete, metal, and plastics.  You can use your pool just 15 minutes after application.     

Algaecide Concentrate: Safe for use in gunite and vinyl pools, our Algaecide Concentrate is the strongest non-metal algaecide you can buy.  A 50% quaternary (disinfectant), this algaecide is a cost-effective way to keep pool water free of visible algae and algae slime.  For maintenance when no algae is present, simply add two to three ounces of Algaecide Concentrate per 10,000 gallons of pool water each week.     

All-In-One Algaecide

All-In-One Algaecide produces sparkling pool water.

All-in-One Algaecide: Our All-in-One Algaecide is very popular because it prevents and kills black, yellow/mustard, and green algae while acting as a clarifier to create crystal-clear pool water.  There’s no need to close your swimming pool when using this algaecide, so it’s ideal for use during the summer months, before and after pool parties, and any other time your swimming pool receives heavy use.     

Extended Algae Control Three-Month Algaecide: This algaecide can be purchased as an individual quart or as a case of four quarts.  It’s effective against blue-green, black, and yellow algae and is non-foaming and non-staining.  This algaecide is ideal for those who have trouble remembering to dose their pool with algaecide on a weekly basis, because a single algaecide treatment lasts for three months!

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