Swimming Pool Safety for Young Guests in Your Home

Child leaning into swimming pool for ball next to pool alarm

Swimming pool safety is always a concern for young guests.

If you have children, you probably host their young friends in your home on a regular basis.  Because not all families have swimming pools (or prioritize swimming pool safety) it’s important to realize that your child’s friends may not be as pool-savvy as your child. To avoid the potential trauma and liability of a drowning accident, here are some pool safety tips for hosting young guests.

  • Make sure young visitors understand that the pool is off-limits unless an alert adult is watching while they are in or around the pool.  To ward off rule-breaking due to peer pressure, you may want to reinforce this rule with your own children prior to their guests’ arrival.
  • Make doubly sure your children and their guests can’t access the pool by locking the gate around the pool as well as your backyard gate and any doors leading out to the pool.  Consider adding pool alarms to all swimming pool access points.
  • Use a safety cover, not just a conventional winter cover, on your pool.  A safety cover fits snugly on your pool and can withstand a substantial amount of weight, protecting your children and their friends from harm if they should disobey you and approach the pool alone.
  • Consider installing an alarm that hangs over the side of your pool and goes off if an object falls into the pool.
  • Be sure all family members know where the life hook and life preserver are located and can find them in dim or dark lighting conditions.
  • Keep a cell phone with you at all times when you watch your children and their guests play in the swimming pool.  Curtail rough play so no one gets injured or too fatigued to swim.
  • Make sure all pool chemicals are locked away, out of reach of children.
Pool alarm for doors leading to pool

An alarm on doors that allow access to the pool area helps keep young guests safe.

PoolGear Plus, your one-stop shop for swimming pool supplies,  offers a variety of pool safety products, including alarms and lifeguard equipment.  Pool alarms are affordable, are easy to install and operate, and provide additional safety measures.  Lifeguard equipment, such as hooks and buoys, are important to have near the pool in case an emergency does happen.  Remember, regardless of the number of pool safety measures you have in place, there is no substitute for alert adult supervision whenever a child is in or around a swimming pool.

Whatever your pool supply needs, you can count on PoolGear Plus!  If you have questions about any of our pool safety products, call us at 888-766-5432 and a Pool Care Expert will be happy to assist you.

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