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Spring Start-Up Pool Kits from PoolGear Plus

Spring Start-Up Pool Kit

If you’re like most swimming pool owners in the US, you keep your pool covered during the winter months.  After all, unless your pool is indoors or you have a pool heater, swimming in a pool in winter just isn’t much fun!  By the time spring rolls around, you’re probably eagerly anticipating the start of pool season.  At PoolGear Plus, we want to help you get off to a great start on a healthy, enjoyable swimming season!  An important part of that process is the purchase of a spring start-up kit prior to opening your pool for the season.

Seasonal Value Pool Chemical Kits

Seasonal Value Pool Chemical Kits

Pool kits sanitize your swimming pool by eliminating contaminants that have built up during the winter while you weren’t using the pool.  These contaminants build up in pool water even when the pool is covered.  Sanitizing the pool prior to the start of the season virtually removes the risk of swimmers contracting illnesses, such as conjunctivitis, from bacteria-laden pool water.

Start-up kits are an economical way to get your pool off to a great start for spring.  PoolGear Plus offers three types of start-up kits: spring kits, seasonal kits, and premium kits.  All kits include:

  • Pool shock
  • Algaecide
  • Water clarifier
  • Metal Control
  • Test strips
Premium Pool Kits from PoolGear Plus

Premium Pool Kits

Be sure to purchase the one that offers the best value for your needs and is the correct size for your pool so you don’t end up spending more on the same chemicals later.

Swimming season is also a great time for pool parties.  If you open your pool with the right kit and keep the proper chemicals on hand to treat the pool before and after heavy use, you will always have a beautiful pool for entertaining.

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