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At PoolGear Plus, we understanding that selecting the right equipment for your inground pool is not always easy.  Comparing brands, features and prices can quickly get overwhelming.  That’s why we offer customized advice from our Pool Care Experts with just a phone call.  Whether you’re looking for a pool filter, pump, or replacement parts….whether you’re new to pool maintenance or looking for upgrades….whether you just need the basics or want pool equipment that will improve your lifestyle…PoolGear Plus is here to help.

Equipment basics for your inground pool include filters and pumps; heaters and salt chlorinators fall into the category of lifestyle-enhancing pool equipment.  At PoolGear Plus, we want to help you get the most out of owning a swimming pool while minimizing the time you spend maintaining your pool.  We offer a wide variety of products from several major brands, because we believe in giving our customers choices.

Hayward Perflex DE Pool Filter System With Pump

The Hayward PerFlex Extended-Cycle DE Pool Filter System comes complete with a Super Pump and base pack.

To make your pool an attractive part of your landscaping and create a pleasurable swimming environment, dirt and algae must be kept at bay.  PoolGear Plus offers sand, DE (diatomaceous earth), and cartridge filters to help keep your pool free of debris.  Pumps also help your pool stay clean by circulating the water in your pool.  If you’re ready to upgrade both your filter and your pump, consider one of our pool filtration systems.  These systems pair a top-notch filter with a high-performing pump for durability and stress-free pool maintenance.

Pentair / Sta-Rite Maxi Therm Heater for Inground Pools

The Pentair / Sta-Rite Maxi Therm Heater features an LED temperature readout with dual thermostat controls for pools and spas.

If you want to make the most out of owning a swimming pool, you’ll appreciate the benefits of adding equipment such as a heater or a chlorine generator.  Our energy-efficient heaters allow you to use your swimming pool for up to three extra months per year without breaking your pool maintenance utilities budget.  And many eco-conscious pool owners are purchasing salt chlorinators to minimize their pool’s effects on the environment while providing silky-smooth water for their families and friends to enjoy.

At PoolGear Plus, the phrase “discount pool equipment” refers only to price, not quality.  We offer the very best products at the very lowest prices, as well as frequently-updated pool care education and tips on our website and blog.  It’s part of our commitment to be your one-stop shop for pool equipment and supplies!

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