How to Keep Your Pool Clean in Three Easy Steps

A poorly maintained pool can quickly become unsightly and impossible to enjoy.  But with this easy pool maintenance program from PoolGear Plus, swimming pool problems will become a thing of the past!

Note: If you are following this pool maintenance program carefully and it isn’t working, your pool water may be out of balance.  Read about understanding water balance for more information, or call 888-766-5432 to speak to a friendly, knowledgeable Pool Care Expert.

Step One: Apply the proper amount of chlorine to your pool on the same day each week.  PoolGear Plus offers the best discount prices on chlorine, as well as the widest range of options, because we manufacture our own chlorine.  So whether you prefer granular chlorine or chlorine tablets or sticks, we have just what you need.  Don’t skimp on chlorine applications – apply the recommended amount to your pool every week.

Step Two: Shock your swimming pool once per week, on the same day each week, with pool shock from PoolGear Plus.  Our pool shock treatments sanitize your pool by killing bacteria, controlling algae, and eliminating organic contaminants.  Remember, it isn’t enough to apply chlorine to your pool – you need to shock it weekly to rid it of accumulating contaminants.  As with chlorine, we manufacture our own shock at PoolGear Plus, so you always get the best prices on pool shock when you shop with us.

Step Three: Apply a dose of algaecide to your pool 24 hours after using pool shock.  Our discount algaecide is an all-in-one product that prevents and kills green, yellow, and black algae.  It also clarifies the water in your pool, giving it that sparkling-clean appearance that makes you want to jump right in for a swim.

Ensuring that you add algaecide 24 hours after shock helps you keep your pool maintenance program on track.  If you’re struggling with scheduling pool maintenance, it might be helpful to add it to your weekly calendar until you get used to using the program.

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