Hot Tub and Spa Chemicals from PoolGear Plus

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Hot tub chemicals create a sanitary, beautiful spa.

If you own a hot tub, congratulations!  They are a great way to stay warm and relaxed on chilly, stressful days.  PoolGear Plus wants to help you keep your spa sanitary and beautiful for your year-round enjoyment.  Here’s a quick introduction to some of our spa cleaning products.

  • Biguanide-based spa sanitizers: For longer-lasting sanitizing than chlorine or bromine.  Contain no chlorine; usually combined with an algistat.  Highly stable.
  • Spa sanitizer for ozone-equipped spas: Kill algae and maintain clear, soft water.  Odor-free and last up to four months.
  • All-purpose cleaners: Remove oil, dirt, and scum from spa and spa covers.
  • Fast-acting clarifiers: Remove dirt, organics, and oils too small for spa filters to remove.
  • Natural enzyme cleaners: Bio-degrade organic contaminants to eliminate chemical odors and prevent scum lines from oils, lotions, and organic materials from hot tub surfaces and filters.
  • Metal remover: Prevents metal staining and corrosion in spas and hot tubs.
  • Scale preventer: Prevents the formation of scale build-up on hot tub surfaces and equipment and aids in the removal of existing scale.
  • Spa filter cleaner: Improves spa filter’s life and efficiency by removing oil, grease, scale and mineral deposits.
  • Spa purge: Cleans up organic contaminants like oils, lotions, cosmetics, hair products, and sweat concentrate where you can’t reach.  Restores spa plumbing to its original condition.

When it comes to hot tub chemicals and other spa products, PoolGear Plus wants to be your one-stop shop!  If you have questions or concerns about your hot tub, call us for assistance!

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