Chlorine: The Best Swimming Pool Sanitizer

The pool supplies industry has created many options for sanitizing residential swimming pools, but the best and cheapest choice for keeping your pool clean is still chlorine.  Whether you use granular chlorine or chlorine tablets or sticks, chlorine is both effective and economical.  One exception to this rule is with spas and hot tubs; because it’s more stable at high temperatures, bromine is often recommended.

Some customers prefer to use traditional powdered chlorine because it disperses quickly and easily, but many pool owners have switched to chlorine tablets or sticks.  Chlorine tabs and sticks are convenient and easy to use.  Unlike granular chlorine, no measuring is required, and there is virtually no potential for messy spills as long as the product is properly stored.

Swimming pools can be dirty algae-havens when they are irregularly maintained.  Pool water is subject to invasion by a wide variety of bacteria and contaminants from the environment, carried in by dust, wind, and rain.  Swimmers themselves also introduce a plethora of oils, soap, dirt, and bacteria into pool water.  Reptiles and animals can also negatively affect the quality of pool water.  A strong sanitizer like pool chlorine is required to offset the effects of these intrusions into your swimming pool.

Besides making your pool safe and pleasurable to swim in, chlorine makes it much more attractive.  Chlorine oxidizes while it sanitizes, giving pool water the shimmering quality that makes others envy your pool.  Most homeowners don’t just want a clean pool – they want a pool that enhances the look of their homes.

At PoolGear Plus, we manufacture our own pool chemicals, which is why we are able to offer discounts on chlorine and other sanitizers.  We cut out the middleman where chlorine  and other pool chemicals are concerned, and pass the savings on to you.  And our vast selection of chlorine products means that whether you prefer granular chlorine or chlorine sticks or tablets, you’ll find what you need at PoolGear Plus.

Posted: Friday, December 3rd, 2010 @ 7:42 pm
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