Benefits of Pool Shock for Your Swimming Pool

A high-quality swimming pool shock, used regularly (usually once per week) will keep your pool clean, healthy and free of chloramines.  Briefly, chloramine is chlorine that is no longer effective, combined with oils and swimmers’ wastes.  Chloramines emit a very strong chlorine odor and cause swimmers’ eyes to burn, making swimming in your pool an unpleasant experience.  Contrary to popular belief, a strong chlorine smell often actually means that there is too little free available chlorine in your swimming pool.  A weekly pool shock application raises the free available chlorine level and eliminates chloramines, allowing chlorine to do its job – sanitize your pool and make it a clean, pleasurable environment.

You should use pool shock following:

  • Heavy pool use
  • Heavy rains
  • Excessive heat
Pool Super Shock from Suncoast Chemicals

Suncoast Super Shock is safe and easy to use and dissolves quickly and completely.

PoolGear Plus now offers a greater selection of pool shock treatments than ever before.  Our Suncoast Super Shock sanitizes your pool by killing bacteria, controlling algae, and eliminating organic contaminants, giving you the crystal-clear pool water your family will love and your neighbors will envy.  Suncoast Super Shock is safe and easy to use and dissolves quickly and completely.

All pools, no matter what sanitizer you use, must be shocked regularly – ideally, once per week during warm weather.  Poor pool maintenance creates stressed-out pools that require more maintenance.  Organic contaminants build up in every pool over time; pool shock treatments eliminate contaminant build-up.

A note about salt swimming pools: Salt pools still need to be shocked on a regular basis; salt-chlorine generators typically do not have the ability to effectively shock your pool.  A proper super-chlorination / shock treatment requires elevating the available chlorine level to approximately 10.0 ppm above the normal level of approximately 2.0 ppm.  Although some salt-chlorine generators feature an option to shock, they usually aren’t capable of producing enough chlorine to achieve an available chlorine level of 12.0 ppm.  Maintaining a healthy salt pool requires the application of regular pool shock treatments.

For best results, shock your swimming pool on the same day each week.  Check out our easy weekly pool maintenance plan for more information.

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